“Think Global Think Hong Kong” Tokyo 2018
“Think Global, Think Hong Kong” returned to Tokyo after its successful debut in Japan in 2012. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the mega Hong Kong promotion creates opportunities for Hong Kong businesses and connects them with partners all around the world.
2:52 1 Nov 2018
World-Class Logistics and Maritime Services
Home to a fast and efficient international logistics network, Hong Kong is known as "the world's command and control centre" - by air, sea or land.
2:13 17 Jul 2014
Hong Kong Logistics and Maritime Industry
An infographic video which present the Hong Kong’s key advantages in the air cargo, maritime and logistics sectors with a number of high value-added services.
3:00 12 Apr 2018
Asia's Creative Hub
Asia's creative hub and lifestyle trendsetter, Hong Kong draws architects, designers and artists from around the world to a city where creativity is protected, promoted and celebrated.
2:15 17 Jul 2014
International Market for Film & Digital Services
At the forefront of Asian cinema for more than a century, Hong Kong continues to thrive on cutting-edge digital infrastructure, highly skilled professionals and can-do spirit.
2:10 17 Jul 2014
Hong Kong: The Global Fintech Hub
1:30 12 Apr 2018
Hong Kong: The Global Financial Centre
1:44 12 Apr 2018
Asia's IP Services Innovator
Hong Kong is Asia's centre for Intellectual property (IP) services, with world-class legal expertise, IP agents, marketers, and international arbitrators.
2:18 17 Jul 2014
Asia's Licensing Leader
Top brands such Disney, Mattel and Warner Bros. flock to Hong Kong to take advantage of proven IP protection, experienced industry professionals and strong distribution & marketing networks.
2:03 17 Jul 2014
Hong Kong: Asia's Trade Fair Capital
Each year, HKTDC organises more than 30 exhibitions in Hong Kong, from which form the 11 largest marketplaces of their kind in Asia, including five that are the largest in the world, attracting 770,000 trade visitors and 38,000 exhibitors annually.
2:47 12 Apr 2018
HKTDC Lifestyle Fairs: Asia’s Prestigious Showcases
The series of lifestyle fairs organised by HKTDC enchant the fashion scene and forecast the latest market trends.
1:51 12 Apr 2018
How To Start a Business in Hong Kong
Interested in starting a business in Hong Kong? In less than three minutes, learn how easy it is to get your business dreams off the ground in Hong Kong - Asia's World City and home to the region's premier business services.
2:36 17 Jul 2014
How Hong Kong Helps Manage Your IP
So you've decided to come to Hong Kong to start a business, but how do you make sure your great idea is protected? Hong Kong's business service professionals and the city's growing skills with IP trading can ease your mind.
2:36 17 Jul 2014
How to Manage Taxes in Hong Kong
Not only are Hong Kong taxes among the lowest in the world, but the taxation process is simple and transparent, allowing you to run your business.
2:22 17 Jul 2014
How to Manage Logistics in Hong Kong
Looking to trade throughout Asia and around the world? Hong Kong offers a multitude of trading opportunities as the world's freest economy backed up by well-developed logistical expertise.
2:14 17 Jul 2014
How to Access Start-up Support in Hong Kong
There's no reason to be left out in the cold when starting a business in Hong Kong. The city's well-established business services include a growing range of programmes and support networks for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
2:49 17 Jul 2014
How to do Business in China from Hong Kong
The business opportunities on the Chinese mainland are more than a few steps closer if you start your venture from Hong Kong. Learn how the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) between the mainland and Hong Kong can put you on the path to success.
2:38 17 Jul 2014
How to find a local partner
Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial heartland and with so many business opportunities here, a partnership may be what you need to sort through and act on these possibilities. Learn how you can find the right partner.
2:53 17 Jul 2014
How Big is the Belt and Road?
Just how big is the potential market created by the Belt and Road Initiative? It will extend from the Chinese mainland to Europe, and more than 60 per cent of the world's population lives in the 60-plus countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. That's 30 percent of the world's GDP, and 35 per cent of world trade.
0:30 15 Feb 2017
What does "Belt and Road" Mean?
So what does the Belt and Road refer to? Think of it as an economic belt and a new silk road. The "belt" refers to economic and overland transport links across China to Central Asia and Europe - while the "road" is actually a network of maritime routes, focused on the use of Chinese sea ports to connect regions across Asia, the Indian Ocean as well as the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
0:33 15 Feb 2017
What are the Five Links for the Belt and Road?
There are Five Links in the Belt and Road initiative, setting our key areas of focus. They are: policy coordination, infrastructure development, investment and trade facilitation, financial integration, and cultural and social exchange.
0:24 15 Feb 2017
The Impact of Developing the Belt and Road
So why develop the Belt and Road Initiative? Enhancing connectivity will boost trade and investment along the Belt and Road, leading to economic growth. An increase in public infrastructure, foreign investment and jobs will help develop markets and increase prosperity.
0:24 15 Feb 2017
Hong Kong's Wide Range of Belt and Road Sector Support
The opportunities and benefits of the Belt and Road are enormous. For sectors ranging from logistics and financial services, to infrastructure and professional services (legal, accountancy, consulting) - Hong Kong can help global businesses capture the vast potential emerging from China's new initiative.
0:26 15 Feb 2017
Hong Kong as a Belt and Road Launch Pad
How do we start the Belt and Road Initiative? To turn this vision into reality, we need to: identify the right opportunities, find the right partners and develop business from the right platform. As a base, Hong Kong is the perfect launch pad to assess feasibility, potential and risk.
0:27 15 Feb 2017
Hong Kong Connects You to the Belt and Road
How is Hong Kong a Belt and Road super-connector? Located within four hours of Asia's key markets, and five hours of half the world's population - Hong Kong is a launch pad to the world. Our free port, independent legal system and free flow of capital, information and talent are among the business advantages Hong Kong offers to connect you with Belt and Road opportunities.
0:30 15 Feb 2017
Hong Kong an East-West Link for the Belt and Road
Hong Kong is well-prepared to help you take advantage of Belt and Road Initiative opportunities. With its strong rule of law, dispute-resolution expertise and open society, Hong Kong is a great place to do business and a solid link between East and West.
0:26 15 Feb 2017
Hong Kong Talent for Belt and Road Opportunities
Hong Kong has a strong pool of talent to support Belt and Road business opportunities. The city has expertise in financing, planning, designing and building large international projects - making Hong Kong an ideal place to take advantage of this new initiative.
0:27 15 Feb 2017
Find Belt and Road Opportunities with the HKTDC
How will the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) help you ride on Belt and Road opportunities? We provide information including online resources to guide you to the best decisions, organise events to introduce you to the right partners with relevant experience, and open doors to Hong Kong's world-class business network. Learn more at The Belt and Road Portal - powered by the HKTDC.
0:27 15 Feb 2017
GLM: 次世代の電気自動車ビジネス
電気自動車を開発する京大発のベンチャー企業GLMは、香港の出資者からの支援を受け、海外ビジネス展開の拠点を香港に構えています。CEOの小間裕康氏は香港には世界の金融センターとしての利点と情報が非常に多く集まるマーケティングセンターとしての利点があると話します。大型香港プロモーションキャンペーン”think GLOBAL think HONG KONG”の分科会「中国・アセアン市場とその攻略法」に小間氏が登壇し、グローバル展開する上での香港の重要な役割を講演します。お申し込みは公式サイトから
02:56 22 Oct 2018
Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Limited:香港を通じて世界のお菓子へ!
お菓子メーカー大手のカルビーは日本だけでなく香港でも大変好評です。 フォーシーズグループ会長のスティーブ・タイ氏はカルビー製品に幸福・喜びという意味のある「卡楽比」と名付け、1976年から毎月カルビー製品を日本から香港に大量に輸入していました。2017年、日本政府はスティーブ・タイ氏の中国における日本食材の普及に大きく寄与した功績を称え、旭日双光章を授与しました。
03:44 12 Oct 2018
NTT: Hong Kong is an ideal location for data centres
Information and communications technology (ICT) giant NTT group operates more than 140 data centres globally. The centre in Hong Kong was the first one set up outside Japan. Companies in the international business hub of Hong Kong have a keen demand for secure and reliable ICT solutions. This creates huge opportunities for NTT. Hong Kong’s deep talent pool in technology, well developed information infrastructure and high security make it a perfect location for data centres.
02:18 23 Oct 2018
02:49 11 Oct 2018
Maz World:香港発、最先端のバイオテクノ
Maz Worldはダチョウの卵から抗体を抽出する最先端のバイオテクノロジーを応用し、様々なヘルスケア商品を開発、製造しています。この技術を世界へ発信する為、香港の大学や政府のサポートを受けて香港科技園(香港サイエンスパーク)内で起業しました。香港は多様性が高く優秀な技術系の人材も豊富なことから、バイオテクノロジーの中心地になり得る潜在性を秘めています。
03:39 3 Oct 2018
Hong Kong – a springboard to share the joys of cooking
ABC Cooking Studio offers cooking classes for all ages, genders and skill levels. Established in Japan, the company has expanded its business to other Asian countries and operates three studios in Hong Kong. Ian Mak, Managing Director of ABC Cooking Studio Hong Kong, believes the city can be a bridge connecting Japanese and Chinese cultures.
03:26 12 Oct 2018
03:28 19 Sep 2018
Hong Kong a Vibrant Environment for Entrepreneurship
Tadashi Kono named his design company K & C Creation Ltd. – with the “K” representing his own name and “C” for Chinese, representing Hong Kong people. Mr Kono’s employer transferred him to Hong Kong more than 20 years ago. When his employer asked him to return to Japan, he decided to stay in the city and set up his own firm. He found Hong Kong welcomes foreigners and supports entrepreneurs. The city is also full of challenging business opportunities.
02:55 11 Oct 2018

1996年の香港での創業以来22年にわたり、ユニクロ、フランフラン、吉野家などの日本でも名だたるブランドや、香港企業の商業施設内のインテリアデザインを数多く手掛けてきた「K&C Creations Ltd.」。社長の河野正氏は、前職での6年間の香港駐在後に帰国辞令が出たのをきっかけに、香港に残り独立することを決意。



河野氏にとって今でも忘れられないプロジェクトが、2013年のユニクロにとって香港初のグローバル旗艦店「ユニクロ リー・シアター店」。基本設計はユニクロ本社からの持ち込みではあったものの、地下2階から地上1階までの3フロアにわたる売場の総面積が700坪という、大規模かつ難易度の高い仕事内容。





03:32 31 Aug 2018
Hong Kong: illuminating a world of business opportunities for start-ups
Japanese start-up A-Sum focuses on smart-lighting for offices. The company is using Hong Kong as a platform to reach out to international buyers through the “Startup Zone” at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition).
03:06 12 Oct 2018
03:19 10 Aug 2018





2018年6月に放送を終了したドラマ『コンフィデンスマンJP』の脚本には、映画『ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日』やドラマ『リーガル・ハイ』などで知られる、実力派の古沢良太氏を起用。すでに日本での映画化も決定しているほか、韓国と中国でも古沢氏の脚本をベースにしたドラマ製作が、日本と同時進行で行われた。





03:32 31 Jul 2018
Crossfor – Promoting the "Dancing Stone" from Hong Kong
Japanese Jewellery manufacturer Crossfor has a unique advantage in the industry with its patented Crossfor Cut technology, which cuts a diamond with 46 facets, as well as “Dancing Stone”. The company has been a loyal exhibitor at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. The company uses Hong Kong as a window to showcase its products to the world.
02:45 23 Oct 2018










03:29 15 Jul 2018