InnoVenture Salon

The InnoVenture Salon is newly launched to introduce Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem and entrepreneurs’ community. Exhibiting startups and mentors from Hong Kong will share with Japanese entrepreneurs and business community their business ideas and support services, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Start-up Exhibitors

Belun Technology Company Limited
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Belun Technology Co. Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of wearable & portable medical devices and solutions allowing people to pre-screen, manage and prevent their sleep, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases at home. Belun Technology offers two medical-grade noninvasive wearable platform that continually monitor vital signs including heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse oximetry, arterial stiffness, central blood pressure and continual blood pressure. Individuals can use them at home, so do health providers at clinics, elderly home, and body-check centers. Through cloud-based data analytics, preventive healthcare as well as post treatment follow-up and improvement can be achieved much more effectively and economically.

Belun’s first product – Belun Ring is the world first medical-grade ring-type device designed for sleep monitoring. It has won 5 HKICT 2018 awards, 3 APICTA 2018 awards and Red Dot 2018.

Belun is ISO13485 certified and Belun Ring is FDA 510(k) cleared.

Blue Fire AI Limited
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BlueFireAI track and monitor companies to produce signals which can be used for driving sales productivity, capturing asset performance or monetizing information. They are a unique combination of Capital Markets Experts, Leading Academics and Pioneering Technologists. World first technology in machine intelligence (MI). Quantitative capabilities are on par with top hedge funds while their AI published R&D is globally #1 in multiple tasks in English and Mandarin. BlueFireAI awarded Best Mature Stage Start Up at Next Money Global Fintech Finals 2018 and the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) award for the Fintech player enabling UK based investors access to China.

Fano Labs Limited
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We specialize in speech and natural language processing technologies. Our Artificial Intelligence Customer Service System can analyze all recorded phone calls in enterprises call centers to provide managers with valuable business insights. As of today, we have signed some of Asia’s largest enterprises, including property developers, utility companies, and telecommunication companies.

Farm66 Investment Ltd
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Since 2013, Farm66’s vision is to make the world healthier by providing people with clean, natural, tasty and fresh produce using sustainable technologies. Through patented in-house innovations, such as “Multi-layer Vertical Planting (MVP) structure”, “Soilless Hydroponics Farming (SHF) techniques”, “Indoor Aquaponics Farming Eco-system (IAFE)”, “Energy-efficient LED Wavelength Farming” and “Cloud-based Farming Parameters (CFP) monitoring”, Farm66 grows quality vegetables locally and efficiently.

Today, Farm66’s urban plant factories supply high-quality produce to all customers who see the importance of safe and sustainable farming and is rapidly moving toward its global mission with potential cross-border initiatives like the “One Belt One Road”.

Farseer Limited
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Farseer's proprietary big data/A.I. cloud combines text analytics & search technology to extract realtime Asia (Hong Kong China focus) financial/commercial intelligence according to clients’ criteria & output/alerts format, with user-defined sentimental weightings & 24/7 access.

Film Players Limited
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Hong Kong start-up Film Players has developed a transparent film that can turn normal glass windows into programmable digital displays to show customized contents. Focusing on Film Display R&D, and Advanced Display Solution for retail, facility management as well as product design concept, Film Players take display into another level of application. More than just as electronic blinds, the Binary Film Display is made to receive and display customized contents.

Find Solution Ai Limited
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When speaking of artificial intelligence, you may only think about the advanced technology that we use for entertainment or to make our life easier. Find Solution Ai (FSAI) decided to innovate and maximize the use of artificial intelligence. We put artificial intelligence into practice on education and training.

4LittleTrees is our first Ai-driven learning application launched in 2017 with almost 100,000 preload mathematical questions and materials for students to learn maths in class or after class. Within the past year, 20 Hong Kong government schools have subscribed for our applications.

4LittleTrees is not just suitable for teacher and students, but also for professional bodies, corporate firms, education institutions, etc. FSAI always uphold the motto of “Smart Learning, Positive Mind’. With unique algorithms, 4LTs can motivate our users, figure out their needs in response to the dynamic of their emotions and performance on any topic of subject. 4LTs also provides prediction and increases learning efficiency from 3% to 10% with customize learning.

Find Solution Ai was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by Ms. Viola Lam, CEO of the company who won the Entrepreneur Year 2015 of the Youth Business International. 2018 was a significant and fruitful year for FSAI. FSAI was rewarded with more than 15 different awards include but not limited to: TOP 25 APAC Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018, Hong Kong Smart City Awards.

GemVCare Limited
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GemVCare is the first Hong Kong based bio-genetic testing company specialized in diabetes. As a spin-off company from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, our founders are experts in diabetes with over 20-year research and clinical experiences. To tackle this serious worldwide disease, we develop and provide genetic testing services predicting your diabetes and complication risks and stratify your risk in different care levels. Over 10 years’ study in 10 Asian countries, risk stratification followed by a personalized healthcare management have proved significantly reducing in risk factors and hence reducing of the complications and death. 11 patents across the world were granted for this over 20 years devoted efforts.

We offer two testing services (DForesee predicting having diabetes and DProtect predicating developing diabetic complications) and a personalized healthcare management program to people who are at risk. We partner with our strategic healthcare providers including private hospitals/clinics, medical groups, Chinese practitioners, dietitians, nutritionists, and public hospitals/clinics for introduction of GVC services to their clients to enhance patient management. We also partner with pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, vendors of healthcare products and credit card centers which can purchase GVC services to be offered as a souvenir or as a health management program for premium reimbursement to their clients to promote the use of their own products.

We are looking for business partners and funding. We target on $US 3-4M in this round of fundraising and use this funding for expanding services items and size in local and oversea markets.

Health View Bioanalytic Limited
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Health View Bioanalytic Limited (“HVB”) is a start-up that put state-of-the-art research into reality by accurately assessing the risk of stroke through a fundus photo in the fastest and convenience manner.

Developed through cutting-edge researches from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (“ARIA”) system provides stroke risk assessment for patients not limited to high risk patients with diabetes, heart disease or hypertension. ARIA analyzes the retinal blood vessels to infer vital information regarding cardiovascular health with great confidence. As a Cloud-based platform, ARIA can also cater for all users on providence of fundus photos regardless their location at any time.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning methods have already obtained USA, China, and Taiwan patents. In addition to stroke risk, we will introduce dementia watch index for an overall assessment of brain health at the end of this year.

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HEYCOINS is a kiosk network that tackles the hassle and inconvenience created by the use of physical coins. HEYCOINS Kiosk collects coins from the general public and converts them into the digital currency that can be used for various purposes, including e-wallets recharge, gift coupons and charitable donations.

Hong Kong Wowwoo Catering Services Co. Limited
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Wowwoo Catering Service Company, one of the fastest growing snacks food chains in China. Currently, there are 50+ outlets across provinces in China. We strive to create the best snacks and constantly pursue innovation to delight our customers. As a pioneer of mutual recommendation and promotion model in chain-like business, we firmly believe that a business mode infused with animation images, chain-like operation and the innovated retail model contain vast potentials in the domestic market.

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gini is the first personal financial management app powered by bank-level security in Hong Kong. gini links together bank accounts, credit cards and mobile wallets to give users the full view of their financial situation, complete with insightful analysis, while curating offers from various sources to let them maximize the utility of their spending.

Koofy Development Limited
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Koofy started with bringing true surfing experiences on land. Surfwheel motion control surfing on land vehicle was born in 2016. Surfwheel allows consumers to feel the sensational move of surfing instantly. Sense the surfing, experience in Motion.We set the goal to become the leader to enable consumers to experience Beyond through Sense and Motion.

Longenesis Ltd.
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Longenesis is a technological company, proposing a new way of health data storage, administration, and analytics, powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Longenesis is a co-founded by Insilico Medicine – AI for Drug Discovery and Longevity and Bitfury Group – the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company.

Ecosystem allows patients (Data Owners) to upload, view, manage and monitor their state of health in a safe and convenient way. On the other side, Longenesis gives doctors, clinics, research facilities an ability to safely store, aggregate and nalyse the health data.

Our company has various on-going pilots with clinics, research institutions and companies, e.g. Nebula Genomics – a platform for genomics data administration (co-founded by prof. George Church).

We are open for potential pilots with healthcare organizations in order to apply our ecosystem for the integration with institutional infrastructure. During the pilot projects, we discuss the potential scope, data types, and cases that would be beneficial for the partners.

MamaHelpers Limited
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MamaHelpers is the largest and fastest-growing global network gathering foreign domestic helpers, employers and agencies. MamaHelpers App has 200K registered foreign domestic helpers and connects with more than 50 agencies and training school worldwide.

MamaHelpers aims at presenting a professional image for everyone involved, and opts for building up trust and transparency in this industry. At the same time, by using technology to support a one-stop solution, making the entire hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient for employers.

MamaHelpers is also offering UK certified caregiver training programs for foreign domestic helpers.

Origami Group Limited
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Origami Labs makes wearable technology solutions for consumers and businesses that makes it faster, simpler, and less intrusive to use a smartphone. Our first product, ORII, is the world's first voice assistant ring that transforms your hand into a smartphone. By combining bone conduction and voice assistance, ORII is creating a new category of communication wearable that is completely screen-free.

Sanomics Limited
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Sanomics Limited is a pioneering genomics technology company based in Hong Kong. Using a new generation of proprietary technologies, Sanomics Limited offers liquid-based and tissue-based genomic test of cancer patients to help doctors customized treatments for patients individually in order to enhance treatment success rate. To underpin the breakthrough of medical test, liquid biopsy is adopted to identify the gene mutation of the tumor from the DNA fragment circulating in the bloodstream, which can make cancer treatments more effective and spare patients from painful procedures from the traditional method of gathering tissues samples from tumors which is known as tissue biopsy.

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SenseTime is the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence (AI) unicorn focused on computer vision and deep learning. The company has raised a total financing of more than US$1.6 billion and is valued over US$4.5 billion. Entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to establish the National Open Innovation Platform for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence on Intelligent Vision, SenseTime is the fifth national AI platform in China (along with Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and iFLYTEK).

With the mission of leading AI innovation to power the future, SenseTime has independently developed a deep learning platform, supercomputing centers, and a range of AI technologies such as face recognition, image recognition, object recognition, text recognition, medical image analysis, video analysis, autonomous driving, and remote sensing. In doing so, SenseTime has become China’s largest AI algorithm provider.

SenseTime leads the market in almost all vertical industries, including smart city, smartphone, mobile Internet, online entertainment, automobile, finance, retail, education, real estate, and so forth. The company boasts more than 700 customers and partners in China and overseas, including world-renowned institutions and companies such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Honda, Alibaba, Suning, China Mobile, UnionPay, Wanda, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Weibo.

The company has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kyoto, Tokyo and Singapore.

For more information, please visit SenseTime’s website as well as Twitter and Facebook pages.

Ultifin Limited
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Ultifin Limited is a Hong Kong-based company founded by three seasoned veterans from the financial services sector who have had specific focus on investment banking, risk management, and technology-driven transformation, each with 20+ years of professional experience. We are building an online investment banking portal that will help Small & Medium Enterprises (“SME’s”) raise debt and equity capital, empowered by the latest communication technologies. Our platform will have more value-added financial modeling functionalities than typical crowdfunding platforms, while achieving greater scalability and cost efficiencies than traditional investment banks.

Ultifin’s initial financial product will facilitate SME’s in need of a raising funds for their cross border trade transactions. We are addressing manufacturers’ and buyers’ pain points of supply chain inefficiency, lack of transparency, asset tracking difficulty, as well as financiers’ overall operational risks, by employing a Blockchain-empowered infrastructure that offers an effective marketplace of financing options.