Supporting Organisations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Financial Services Agency


Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Kanagawa Prefectural Government

Gunma Prefectural Government

Saitama Prefectural Government

Chiba Prefectural Government

Tochigi Prefectural Government

Kawasaki City

Saitama City

Chiba City


Overseas Construction Association of Japan

Global Medical Exchange & Support Institution (GMES)

The Consortium for Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion (JIAM)

China Enterprises Association (Japan)

Japan Association of New Economy (JANE)

Communications and Information Network Association of Japan

Japanese Bankers Association

Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry

Regional Banks Association of Japan

National Federation of Small Business Associations

DAS Designers Association

The Second Association of Regional Banks

Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Japan-China Economic Association

Japan-China Economic Relations and Trade Centre

Inter-Pacific Bar Association Japan

Japan Industrial Designers’ Association

Interior Coordinator’s Organization of Nippon

Japan Interior Architects / Designers' Association

Nippon Interior Fabrics Association

Japan Office Institutional Furniture Association

Japan United Caregivers Association

Japan Design Space Association

Japan Craft Design Association

The Japan Institute of Architects

The Architectural Association of Japan

Japan Building Materials Association

Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations

Japan Association of Architectural Firms

The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The Ports and Harbours Association of Japan

The Japan International Dispute Resolution Center

Japan Sign Design Association

Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association

Japan In-House Lawyers Association

Japan Chain Stores Association

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Japan Association of Arbitrators

Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Japan Design Protection Association

The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA)

Japan New Business Conference Associations

Japan Package Design Association

Japan Hospital Association (JHA)

Fintech Association of Japan

Japan Assistive Products Association (JASPA)

The Japan Private Equity Association

Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Japan Venture Capital Association

Japan Patent Attorneys Association

Japan Hong Kong Society - National Chapter

Japan Marketing Association

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association

Japan Lighting Coordinate Association

Made In Japan Software & Service Consortium


The Utsunomiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Osaka Foundation for Trade & Industry

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Osaka Association of Architects & Building Engineers

Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization

Kanagawa Welfare Service Council

Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion

Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Kyushu Economic Federation

Saitama Industrial Promotion Public Corporation

Saitama Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Chiba Industry Advancement Center

Chiba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

TsubameSanjo Regional Industries Promotion Center

Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers

Tokyo Metropolitan Small & Medium Enterprise Support Center (Tokyo SME Support Center)

Tokyo Bar Association

Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Aomori Bank

Akita Bank

The Bank Of Iwate

Gunma Bank

International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

77 Bank

Juroku Bank

The Seibu Shinkin Bank

The Nishi-Nippon City Bank

North Pacific Bank


The Association of British Insurers is the voice of the UK’s world-leading insurance and long term savings industry. A productive, inclusive and thriving sector, we are an industry that provides peace of mind to households and businesses across the UK and powers the growth of local and national economies by enabling trade, risk taking, investment and innovation.


What is the BCMA? BCMA is the global industry body for branded content practitioners, run by practitioners, promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the branded content industry.

What do we do? We promote and grow the branded content industry through best practice, research, lobbying and networking events relating to our industry. We create the opportunity to connect with the leading experts in the branded content industry.

Why should anyone care? Branded content is predicted to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, and there is growing evidence that there will be a significant shift in budgets to support it. However, there is still some confusion as to how to do it, who should do it and how it is measured. The BCMA is best placed to define what branded content ‘is’ and what it ‘isn’t’ and measure the effectiveness through its investment in research and proprietary tools. "


As a government Trade Challenge Partner (TCP), British Jewelley & Giftware International has been helping companies to improve their international trade and establish themselves in foreign markets for more than 40 years.

British Jewellery & Giftware International (BJGI) is a division of the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), the UK trade association bringing together the allied trades of jewellery, giftware, travelgoods, surface engineering and fashion accessories industry sectors. Collectively the 3,500 BATF member companies employ an estimated 55,000 people and produce annual sales worth in the region of £22 billion.

To ensure Member's voices are heard on matters affecting them, the Federation works closely with every level of Government, the EU, as well as local authorities, chambers of commerce and other influential organisations.

The Federation is a national organisation and has been around for 125 years, existing to champion its Members and help them flourish across the UK and abroad.


You won’t find anyone else quite like us; Chamber International offers something completely new in terms of its wide range of services as well as its national reputation for innovation.
We’ve got a simple philosophy: to be the best in the UK Chamber network.
We’re passionate about international trade. We don’t just meet our targets, we beat them. As the international department for several Chambers of Commerce we speak to hundreds of businesses every day and understand the vital issues.
At Chamber International we love to help businesses grow and flourish.
We work with

  • small and emerging businesses
  • mid-sized companies
  • large corporations
  • multi-nationals


We lead on trade procedures, relationship management and dispute resolution.
We check documentary letters of credit worth hundreds of millions of pounds every year.
We train more than 500 people every year.
By going the extra mile we’ve gained a reputation for leading-edge expertise; check out our website and see for yourself.


The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is a leading professional membership organisation representing the interests of alternative dispute practitioners worldwide. With over 14,000 members located in more than 130 countries, CIArb supports the global promotion, facilitation and development of all forms of private dispute resolution. In addition to providing education and training for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators, the organisation acts as an international centre for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business concerned with the cost-effective and early settlement of disputes. As a not-for-profit, UK registered charity, CIArb works in the public interest through an international network of 37 branches.


The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) helps British and Chinese businesses and organisations work together in China, the UK and third markets around the world. With 60 years of experience, experts in 11 UK offices and 15 Chinese locations, and a diverse 1,000-strong membership, we operate alongside the British Chamber of Commerce in China to support companies of all sizes and sectors from multinationals to SMEs.

As the partner of choice for British companies working with China, CBBC delivers a range of events, tailored research and consultative services. We cooperate closely with the Department for International Trade, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and across government to highlight export opportunities for UK companies and investment opportunities for Chinese organisations.



China UK Business Association (CCCB) is a non-profit organization, aim to facilitate business, investments, and mutual understanding between China and United Kingdom, to build an innovative and effective partnership between China and United Kingdom on sustainable development.


The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world and attracting foreign investment to our economy. We are a specialised government body with responsibility for negotiating international trade policy, supporting business, as well as delivering an outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy.


Established about five years ago, Financial IT is the venue where community makes itself heard. Innovation is the common feature of the companies that we work with. Some are FinTech disruptors, posing a direct challenge to established institutions. Others are technology companies, providing solutions that produce positive outcomes for the institutions and their clients. We provide a digital platform for product listings, multimedia and other editorial content, reviews by financial IT companies’ clients, and overviews of major trade events.


Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in Glasgow. As one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the world, the Chamber has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help business succeed and grow.

Glasgow prospered during the 18th century, largely due to international trade and merchant activity. Glasgow Chamber of Commerce was established by Royal Charter to promote the city's interests at home and abroad. Patrick Colquhoun, Glasgow's Lord Provost, drafted the constitution on 1 January 1783.

The ethos of the Chamber remains the same and we can broadly help by offering members business solutions, cost savings and opportunities to expand networks and reach.

We do this by:

  • Hosting business and networking events that both help business people develop and grow their contact base
  • Training and workforce development to upskill and develop employers and staff
  • Exporting and international trade support
  • Affinity schemes and business solutions to help businesses become more successful
  • Marketing and profiling to our 1,200 members
  • Campaigning on a local and national level on important policy issues on behalf of members



"Hertfordshire Global, formerly International Trade, is a division of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, an accredited Chamber of British Chambers of Commerce, established in 1924. For many years it has served Hertfordshire businesses as the Chamber’s International Services, providing advice and hands-on assistance with documentation, international marketing and business information.

Its recent rebranding presents a more formal opportunity for local businesses to connect with overseas markets and business prospects through a number of channels and with account manager support — particularly important in a climate of new opportunity and appetite for global trade — and through the Council of British Chamber of Commerce in Europe.

Hertfordshire Chamber is organising a number of high profile events for Hertfordshire Global — a black-tie dinner, a drinks reception, opportunities to meet local Members of Parliament, seminars and also forum events in all major towns in the county, in collaboration with other city chambers of commerce, to discuss international trading issues, options and possibilities."


The Hong Kong Association’s mission is to act as champion in the UK for the long-standing and special business and trading relationship between the Hong Kong SAR and the United Kingdom. It

  • Holds regular committee meetings with key politicians and very senior business people and larger membership lunches and seminars which feature key speakers.
  • Acts in support of visiting official representatives from Hong Kong by providing a focus for interested organisations in the UK.
  • Provides information, expertise and support for any parliamentary activity relevant to the mission.
  • Is a source of senior and well informed advice on relevant aspects of Hong Kong-related business and lobbies where necessary so as to promote the interests of the mission.
  • Acts as a recognised conduit of business-related information for members about Hong Kong.
  • Promotes in every other way, which is within its scope, the interests of HK-UK exchange and acts where relevant in conjunction with Hong Kong Society in its social and cultural activities.



"The aim of Hong Kong Society is to develop, nurture and enjoy the long-standing social, cultural and professional links between Hong Kong and the UK. It organises a wide range of activities which provide interest, professional opportunities and information and prides itself on its friendliness and on its innovative programme. The current membership stands at about 700.

The programme of events offers excellent opportunities for networking with others who share interests in Asia and :

  • Advice and interest on key business sectors for younger members.
  • Privileged access to cultural events, organised by other bodies related to Hong Kong, such as plays, concerts and exhibitions.
  • Networking events specifically for younger members.
  • More traditional activities such as dinners, visits and lectures.


It produces a twice yearly newsletter about what is happening in Hong Kong and provides links for job finding in HK, special offers by members for members and opportunities to keep in touch with others with similar interests"


The Forum is the UK association for SMEs who have an interest in trading with HK. Established in December 1997, the Forum has around 100 regular members and a further 200 “Friends of the Forum”.

The Forum membership comprises a wide range of SME companies in the manufacturing, distribution, importing, retailing, banking, and business consultancy sectors.

The Forum operates via its 10 member-Executive Committee, and organises regular events where the members can meet. Since inception the Forum has been recognised by the HKSARG, HMG, HM Foreign Office and a host of other like-minded trade promotion bodies.

Plans are in hand to expand the scope and membership of the Forum by negotiating a merger with a similar body, the HK Executives Club.


The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is the professional body for all members of the commercial shipping industry worldwide, founded in 1911 and awarded a Royal Charter in 1920.

The Institute is the internationally recognised education body for professional qualifications in the commercial maritime arena, setting and examining the syllabus for membership and providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals. Only Fellows of the Institute may use the protected title “Chartered Shipbroker”.

With 25 branches and 15 teaching centres in key locations, the Institute represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world in trade bodies and at government and intergovernmental levels. Members and Fellows of the Institute are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced career.


The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (INTERCARGO) was established in 1980 with the objective of giving a voice to shipowners, managers and operators of dry cargo vessels and better representing this shipping sector. Our Members commit to a safe, efficient, high quality and environmentally-friendly dry cargo shipping industry. INTERCARGO is an accredited NGO observer at IMO and a member of the Round Table of International Shipping Associations. INTERCARGO considers that free and fair competition in the shipping industry is of fundamental importance and this serves as its prime principle.


International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), United Kingdom is the world’s only dominant international professional qualification examination awarding body and membership based body that regulate the quality of professional qualifications and awards in the field of entrepreneurship, business incubation and enterprises.

Within the board spectrum of precondition for both academic and professional mobility recognition, IEA, UK provides opportunities for all levels of entrepreneurs to be examined and to earn one or more of their professional entrepreneurs’ undergraduate diplomas awards.

IEA, UK inherited an accreditation of professional engagement that enables to assess programmes in terms of current and developing practice to foster appropriate knowledge and skills for entry into profession. IEA provides opportunities for all levels of entrepreneurs to be examined and to earn one or more of their professional entrepreneurs’ awards that will ultimately leads them to the licensing phase as an ethical and professional recognise entrepreneurs.


The Law Society exists to represent, promote and support solicitors who practice in England and Wales, so they in turn can help their clients. We work to ensure that no-one is above the law and to protect everyone’s right to have access to justice. We promote England and Wales as the jurisdiction of choice and the vital role legal services play in our economy. We also work internationally to defend human rights and open up markets to help our members expand their businesses.

Solicitors earn their title through a dedicated commitment to legal education, training and development. They meet high professional and ethical standards, and hold comprehensive insurance and a practising certificate which enables them to provide a wide range of advice and services to their clients. The Society represents the interests of over 160,000 registered legal practitioners to parliament, government and regulatory bodies and has a public interest in the reform of the law.


London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the UK capital’s largest independent networking and business support organisation. Representing the interests of companies in London and beyond, LCCI connects thousands of business people every year and offers its members a wide range of business services.

LCCI’s International Business Team has a wealth of experience in trade promotion and delivers an annual programme of international trade seminars and missions. Whether a business is already trading internationally or plans to do so in the future, the LCCI programme can help open up new markets for their products and services.

LCCI targets markets where support through a trade visit is most likely to achieve results for participating companies.


The Shipping Professional Network in London (SPNL) is London's own meeting place for young shipping professionals. The SPNL enjoys significant industry support, with industry backing from the UK Chamber of Shipping. Through our regularly organised events, we aim to bring together young professionals from all aspects of the industry to network, socialise and learn more about the industry we proudly form part of. Our events offer members the opportunity to hear expert opinions on topical issues by industry respected leaders, from various fields in the maritime industry. These fields range from the bunker industry, ship valuation, maritime law, ports, piracy, ship classification, shipping finance, maritime economics, research and much more. Being a member of SPNL not only provides you with a ticket to these informative presentations from industry leaders, but also a multitude of networking opportunities.