Success Stories of Hong Kong's Logistics Industry

Hong Kong-founded Logistics Alliance Platform
Fostering Industry Cohesion, Eyes on the Greater Bay Area

Nowadays, most people are accustomed to booking hotels and flights on price comparison websites. In recent times, similar platforms have been launched in the logistics industry ...[more]

The World's Business City

New Jersey native Jim Thompson never realized that he was laying the foundation for the world's largest privately held group of international moving companies when he started a business with US$1,000 in 1963. Nor did he realise that....[more]

Zero Inventory Management Services - Reduces and Takes Away Clients' Issues

Alongside with inflation and the increasing raw materials costs, parts and manpower, the operating cost of manufactories in Mainland China has surged accordingly. To maintain their comparative advantage, manufacturers strive to reduce costs through various means....[more]

Upgraded Warehousing Sharpens Production Efficiency

Hong Kong's success as the region's leading distribution centre can be attributed in part to companies such as Hikari International Logistics. A US-Japanese-Hong Kong joint venture established in 1998, Hikari is an industry leader in providing integrated logistics solutions....[more]

Third Party Logistics Reduces Turnaround Time and Promises Efficiency

Hong Kong, with its solid legal infrastructure, effective IP protection, clear tax system and speedy customs procedures, is an ideal distribution centre for high-value goods. Hong Kong­ based Hikari has maintained long-term partnerships with many international enterprises, managing the clients' supply chains while controlling cost and risk...[more]

Outsourcing of Logistics Services is the Global Trend to Archieve Cost Efficiency

MGI Luxury Asia Pacific Ltd. – a subsidiary of the American entity MOVADO Group, Inc., carries a number of brand name watches, designs and manufactures trendy watches for several stylish brands. The Company has outsourced part of its warehouse management and value-added services to a third-party logistics services provider in Hong Kong...[more]

Reputable Warehousing Makes Hong Kong the Regional Distribution Centre of International Brands

Power Hub Ltd. is a third-party logistics services provider, offering multinational and Hong Kong-based enterprises high value-added hub operation and logistics services particularly to high-end products such as watches, operating at international standards...[more]