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Product Specification

L*W*H: 252mm*120mm*51mm

Model No.


Working temperature

-40℃~ +65℃

Rated starting voltage



80 Farad

Minimum working voltage



Car emergency start

Maximum starting voltage



1180 g

Maximum starting current

600A - 800A

Charging time

Quick charging: less than 2 mins; Low charging: less than 5 mins

Protection level




Product Description

Car jump starter is a new product based on supercapacitor technology in the application on vehicle emergency start. It offers a complete solution for the successful starting of the vehicle engine under harsh conditions. which manages and optimizes the engine starting energy to relieve the damage to the battery caused by starting engine, protect on-board electronic equipment, enhance the capability of engine start in case of battery failure.  It makes engine starting more stable, reliable and powerful.  

Our car jump start has very strong capability of engine starting. The maximum starting current is up to 600A - 800A. It has ultra-low temperature start capability , even at the temperature of -40℃.  It has no battery inside and is easy to use. When user's car battery fails to start, the user only clamps car jump starter to the positive and negative terminals of battery, and then starts the car. It has a very long service life and doesn't need to be maintained. Its smart charging function can collect energy from battery based on the state of battery. Even the battery is almost exhausted, our car jump starter can still work and start the car. Therefore, our car jump starter is a product that can assure users “your car can be started anytime, anywhere". 


  • Excellent starting capability based on supercapacitor technology
  • Ultra-low temperature start (cold crank start at -40℃).
  • Safe to use, battery-less operation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Pre-charging free
  • Long service life (over 10 years).
  • Smart charging
  • Low operating voltage (down to 5V)
Production Lead Time

14 days