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Mr Keith Bergelt
Chief Executive Officer, Open Invention Network

"BIP provides a premier venue for meeting with many of Asia’s foremost IP experts, and the quality of the program is unmistakable. With the growing focus on IP in the region, this event is one that should not be missed."

Mr Roger Martin
Senior Vice President and Chief IP Strategist, Qualcomm Incorporated

“In a forum like Business of Intellectual property Asia, there is an opportunity for lots of ideas exchange, I got to meet my peers in the industry and talk about strategy and talk about especially open collaboration strategies and how they affect IP.

Apart from the beautiful setting, it gets to closer to one of the hot beds of innovation now which is generally Asia and China in particular. A lot of the new development in telecommunication in my industry is rapidly coming out of Asia and particular China.

So hear from the people that are working in China directly is really beneficial. “

Mr Kenneth S. Korea
Senior Vice President and Head of US IP Center, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

“Thank you for your excellent organization of the 2016 BIP Asia conference. It was a great opportunity to learn from, and discuss with, the thought leaders the issues that matter most in today’s rapidly changing IP world.”

Dr Udo Meyer, DE
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Intellectual Property, BASF SE

“ BIP Asia Forum is a remarkable event both in size and quality of the discussions and presentations but also in view of the support of the Hong Kong administration in promoting the special role Hong Kong plays for IP in China.”
Mr Adam E. Jaffe,
Director of IP Management Consulting, Thomson Reuters

“The attendance alone at BIP Asia demonstrates the rise of the importance of IP in the region. The quality of the participants, presentations and format is unparalleled.”

Mr Enrico Deiaco,
Director and Head of the Department, Innovation and Global Meeting Places, Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis

“The BIP provides an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with high-level academics and business from all over the world on the importance of knowledge based capital and how it should be managed and protected in a dynamic world. In addition, the economic dynamism in Asia makes Hong Kong a perfect meeting ground for exchange of knowledge on these issues”.

Mr Toshimoto Mitomo,
Executive Vice President, Intellectual Property Department, Sony Corporation of America

“BIP Asia is the most effective venue to meet with many of Asia’s top IP leaders. The panels I had the pleasure of attending were very inspiring, and I learned a lot about the IP business in Hong Kong and obtained great ideas on how I can maximize the value of IP business.”

Ms T. Maria Lam,
Chief of Staff to the General Counsel, Intel Corporation

“BIP has grown into an impressive global forum for the exchange of IP ideas and gathering of IP-focused businesses. It is wonderful to see the support from the HK government and HKTDC to promote Hong Kong as a regional IP platform.”

Mr Kwang Jun Kim,
Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Samsung Display

“BIP Asia Forum was a great opportunity to learn and share ideas about the latest Asian IP trend and industry”

Mr Christian Frey,
Head of Innovation and Patent Coordination, Siemens

“BIP Asia provides an important platform for IP professionals not only to exchange experiences, but also to share best practices.”

Mr Brian Hinman,
Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Philips

“This was my first time attending BIP Asia and I was very impressed with the quality of the overall program and the vast number of attendees. It’s clear that intellectual property has become an important issue in this region and it’s wonderful to see how BIP Asia is able to attract the right talent to attend and to discuss these critical issues”

Dr. Joo Sup Kim,
Vice President of IP Centre, LG Electronics

“BIP brings together the major thought leaders in the field in an atmosphere that allows for the most productive exploration of the key IP issues that truly matter to companies, practitioners, brokers, traders, judges, government officials and academics.”