Testimonials and Success Stories



Simon Large, Director Cargo, Cathay Pacific Airways (HK)
The conference has a very good reputation. It is well-organised and well-attended. The attendees, the engagement, the topics and the openness have all led to very honest conversations, which made the panel discussion a successful one. The audience are knowledgeable people, and they raised quality questions. It’s an opportunity to hear from the best people in the industry.


Shaun Stevenson, Vice President, Trade Development and Public Affairs, Prince Rupert Port Authority (Canada)
The conference is very well-run and extremely professional. I really enjoyed the content and the session I participated in. More importantly, it is the opportunity to network with those who are doing business in the industry. We also have the opportunity to discuss on the challenges that continue face the industry. This is a well-developed platform for the whole industry. I was highly impressed by the quality of the expertise in the panel.

I’ve attended the plenary, maritime and Belt and Road sessions. We were interested in the maritime session because it’s part of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Prince Rupert Port benefits from the Initiative. Given the current logistics flow, the port has a transit time advantage, illustrated by the one to two days saved by transiting from Shanghai to Chicago, Memphis, Toronto and Montreal through the Port.


Graeme Murray, Managing Director, Snape Shipping Limited (UK)
This is a big, well-organised conference. Staff are very good. Everything runs on time. I am interested in topics related to maritime containers as I am specialised in container services. I have learnt a lot about the Belt and Road Initiative from this conference and I will further study about it.



Vanessa Kui, Customer Service Manager, International Transport Information System Limited (Mainland China)
This is the second year we have participated in the exhibition. The response to our participation was quite positive last year, so we came back this year. The response is also very good this year. Those who have made inquiries are our target customers. There are many potential customers as well. As the theme of this year’s conference is e-Commerce, some participants have approached us with a particular interest in e-Commerce products. There are also customers who knew about our logistics software at last year’s conference participating in the conference this year specifically to ask for more details from us. HKTDC’s business matching services have also allowed us to meet with representatives from other companies to understand their needs and discuss the scope and feasibility of cooperation in the future.


Delia M. Pantas, Vice President, F2 Logistics & Co. (Philippines)
In the business matching sessions and forum activities at the conference, we have been able to source enterprises for potential cooperation. It is our first time to join this event and meet with over 20 potential clients. Through participating in the conference, we get to learn more about the industry and we believe that we will return next year. After this conference, we are looking for opportunities to set up overseas office with new partners.


Hans Kerstens, International Business Development Manager, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)
This is the second year our company has participated in this conference. It is well-organised and the coordination is quite smooth with the support of the HKTDC. I have had a couple of good discussions with different interesting people. Participants of the conference come from around the world, giving us an opportunity to expand our network. We have managed to reach an agreement with people here on organising some seminars or visiting us in Vietnam in the future. This marks the start of a long-term relationship, which is important to us. The business matching sessions arranged by the HKTDC are good for our business development.



Dr. Alexander Geisler, General Manager – Lawyer, German Shipbrokers’ Association (Germany)
This is the first time I have attended this conference. I liked the forum very much, especially the discussion section. The discussions were very interesting, and the forum was well-organised. The speakers are major players in the industry, and they are clear about the present situation and the latest developments. The discussions were invaluable to me. The quality of the panel discussions is higher than similar conferences in other countries. The conference has also met my expectations about meeting potential clients or partners. I will consider attending the conference again next year.


Kosuke Sagara, Senior Manager, Cargo Sales & Marketing, Hong Kong and Southern China, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd (Japan)
This is my second year at the conference. It is well-organised. I now have a better understanding of what is happening and what will happen in the market. It is also a good opportunity to meet other industry practitioners and exchange information and ideas with them. The forums have exceeded my expectations; they were very insightful and practical. The topics on e-Commerce and market forecasts were particularly useful for us.


Martin Brueckner, Managing Director, Märkte weltweit (Germany)
This conference is very useful because it offers me a Chinese perspective about the development of the logistics sector. The conference also enables me to learn about the strategic approach of the Hong Kong and Chinese mainland governments to develop new markets through the Belt and Road Initiative. I am also interested in topics like e-supply chain management.


Terry Chiu, Business Development Director, Geodis Wilson China Limited (Mainland China)
This is the first time we have joined the conference. We came here mainly to gain industry knowledge and business intelligence. We have met a potential client from Jiangsu Province and will discuss further about potential business opportunities. All the topics in the forums were very relevant and closely related to current market needs and trends, especially the main themes this year —Belt and Road Initiative and e-Commerce, which are all hot topics among industry players.