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Hong Kong Logistics and Maritime Industry
An infographic video which present the Hong Kong’s key advantages in the air cargo, maritime and logistics sectors with a number of high value-added services.
03:00 30 Dec 2016
ALMC 2016: Better Outlook for Sea and Air Trades
Top speakers representing the maritime and air freight sectors spoke of “signs of recovery” beside the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2016 in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, CEO of Dubai’s trade enabling giant DP World, expected Hong Kong to take a leading role in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Tim Smith, Chairman of Maersk China Limited, said the conference was well run in promoting the industry and Hong Kong.
03:59 30 Dec 2016
Belt and Road takes Centre Stage at ALMC 2015
Many of the record number of visitors to the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference (ALMC) 2015 took part in a plenary session covering China’s Belt and Road Initiative, where panel speaker George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics predicted trade between China and ASEAN would reach US$1 trillion by 2020. HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Raymond Yip said the conference is relevant for networking and finding business opportunities related to the Belt and Road.
04:52 20 Jan 2015
Building China's Belt and Road
Speaker: Eric Ip

Hong Kong SMEs and international companies using the city as a base in Asia need to act quickly to seize opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative, according to Group Managing Director of Hutchison Port Holdings Limited, Eric Ip. Speaking with the HKTDC’s Joe Kainz at the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2015, he advised firms to look carefully at their own talent and willingness to expand in the wide variety of markets covered by mainland China’s new vision for global trade.
04:06 17 Nov 2015
e-Commerce success in China market
Speaker: Frank Lavin

Mainland China’s e-commerce market is moving toward a ‘pure-play’ scenario where brands are only known online, according to Frank Lavin, CEO and Founder of Export Now. Speaking at the 2015 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference (ALMC), Mr Lavin told the HKTDC’s Martin Evan-Jones that companies looking for mainland opportunities would also be wise to team up with Hong Kong business service providers, and to pay attention to developments in China’s new Belt and Road initiative.
04:48 23 Nov 2015
Moving Ahead: Asian Logistics & Maritime Conference 2014
The impact of e-commerce, new challenges in supply chain management for various industries and the changing role of container shipping were among the key topics at the fourth Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference (ALMC) in Hong Kong. Nearly 1,700 business leaders from 32 countries and regions attended the 18-19 November event.
04:50 16 Feb 2015
Supply-Chain Efficiency Keeps Electronics Production Competitive
Speaker: Anders Karlborg

Ensuring a smooth-running logistics supply chain, particularly tuned for e-commerce needs, is a key to success for mainland China electronics producer Huawai, according to the company’s Vice President, Logistics Department, Anders Karlborg. He spoke to the HKTDC shortly after his participation in a panel on the subject at the 18-19 November 2014 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong.
03:25 26 Jan 2015
E-commerce “Disruptive” Opportunity for Logistics Providers
Speaker: Dr Patrick Low

New online retail is disruptive, yet largely an opportunity for logistics service providers as well as businesses in Asia, according to Fung Global Institute Vice President of Research Dr Patrick Low. Speaking to the HKTDC during the 18-19 November 2014 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong, Dr Low also offered some insights into the panel he chaired, focusing on “Drivers of Change: Navigating the New Competitive Landscape”.
04:41 26 Jan 2015
順豐傳授網購物流秘笈 (only available in Chinese)
Speaker: George Li Dongqi

03:34 11 Jan 2015
High-Tech Best Future Course for Liners, Dry Bulk Shippers
Speaker: Martin Stopford
Hong Kong and other major international shipping centres have an opportunity to help the liner and dry bulk shipping industry raise crew training standards and fit vessels with better information technology, according to Martin Stopford, President of Clarkson Research Services Limited. Mr Stopford spoke at the 2014 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference held 18-19 November in Hong Kong. He spoke with the HKTDC’s Joe Kainz in this audio podcast recorded on the sidelines of the event.
06:46 20 Nov 2014
Logistics Flexibility Key for US Sportswear Brand Under Armour
Speaker: Philip Poel
Logistics providers in Asia’s key shipping hubs need to develop greater supply chain flexibility in order to keep pace with demand from a fashion industry increasingly going online and global, according to Philip Poel, Managing Director of the sportswear brand Under Armour. Mr Poel spoke to the HKTDC’s Joe Kainz just after a panel on the issue at the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference on 18 November 2014.
04:30 20 Nov 2014
Fast Supply Chains in Fashion: Co-Founder Praveen Sinha
Speaker: Praveen Sinha
Logistics providers need to
hink fast and deliver faster to keep up with the online fashion retail industry, according to Praveen Sinha of The founder of India’s largest fashion ecommerce company discussed supply-chain management needs of the fashion industry at the 2014 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong, and caught up with the HKTDC’s Joe Kainz on the sidelines of the event for this podcast.
05:59 20 Nov 2014
Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2013
Hong Kong - Asia’s Premier Logistics and Maritime Centre

“I’m sure that Hong Kong will insert itself organically in the wonderful story between ASEAN and China,” says George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics Network and a key speaker considering the emerging partnership in the opening plenum of the Asia Logistics and Maritime Conference held on 7 November 2013. As well as covering major trends and prospects, the conference for the first time featured exhibitors on e-logistics, logistics and maritime services, with business matching to the fore. The conference “helps us find more new clients, “ says Stan Redka of Engler (HK) Enterprises, while Michele Ferrario of e-retailer Zalora believes the event offered much to optimise supply chains in the cheapest and fastest way possible.
04:56 10 Feb 2014
DHL’s Victor Mok: Shanghai Zone Offers Region Logistics Opportunities
DHL Supply Chain has recorded double-digit growth in major Asian markets such as China and India. The company’s CEO for North Asia, Victor Mok, expects the new Shanghai Free Trade Zone to create more opportunities for the logistics trade. Find out why Mok is positive about the Asian market, in this HKTDC video recorded before his appearance at the 2013 Asian Logistics & Maritime Conference.
02:43 31 Oct 2013
ASEAN Cooperation Key to Future of Shipping: WSC Chairman Widdows
Ronald Widdows, Chairman of the World Shipping Council (WSC), said the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries need to work closely to resolve outstanding regional trade issues which impact global shipping. He took part in the plenary session of the 2013 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong on 7 November, to focus on how Asia's "emerging dragons" will shape the future of the region and the industry. Mr Widdows is also serves as CEO, Rickmers Holding & Rickmers-Linie.

WSC website -
06:24 13 Nov 2013
E-Commerce Revolution: Walmart Asia CEO Scott Price at ALMC
Online sales are a growing piece of a lucrative pie for retailer Walmart on the Chinese mainland and in other markets including India, according to Scott Price. The CEO of Walmart Asia spoke to the HKTDC on the sidelines of the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2013, where he spoke about how e-tailing and mobile commerce is shaking up the logistics and supply-chain game.

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07:14 14 Nov 2013
China's e-commerce growth: Shi Tao at ALMC
As one of the most popular online shopping sites on the Chinese mainland, is actively expanding its global reach via Hong Kong. Shi Tao, the company's Vice President of Retail who also oversees the group's global business, attended the 2013 Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference in Hong Kong last week, where he was able to share his views on the fast-changing e-commerce landscape in China.

05:05 25 Nov 2013