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Belt and Road Initiative to Boost Rail Connectivity & Triggers Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
Interview with Siddique Khan, CEO of Kerry Globalink Logistics

Belt and Road Initiative, launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, is a Eurasian strategy that seeks to boost economic growth by connecting maritime routes and land infrastructure networks all the way from the Chinese mainland through Asia and on to Africa and Europe ...
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Jean Jacques Ruest
North America Experiencing Economic Upswing and Trade Growth
Interview with Mr JJ Ruest, Executive VP and CMO of CN

Riding on the positive momentum of the global economy, especially increasing demand for trade and cargo in North America and Asia, Canadian-based railroad CN continues its drive to ...
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Jeremy Nixon
Liner Shipping Industry: Market Consolidation Leads to Healthier Business Environment
Interview with Jeremy Nixon, CEO of Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Jeremy Nixon confirms that the economic outlook from the global perspective is quite positive, and he has relayed this upbeat assessment by saying: “Container shipping companies transport products and services around the world and very much rely on the global demand which in ...
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Changing the Ecology of Logistics More Efficiency with Technology
Interview with Henry Ko, Managing Director of Flexport Asia

Logistics industry is experienc-ing shipping logistics the way it was 20 years ago. That includes manually inputting data and doing repetitive menial work with little shipment visibility. Flexport, a Silicon Valley based freight forwarder and customs broker, has built an online platform that streamlines communication to make shipment management easy and transparent ...
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Binxing Liu
Key Drivers to Operational Efficiency in Logistics Industry
Interview with Binxing Liu, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud HK

The development of logistics industry is closely related to technology application.
Today’s logistics applications must be complemented with 24-hour network connectivity (for functions such as ...
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