Business of IP Asia Forum - Testimonials

Mr Yi Xiaozhun
Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization

“I think BIP Asia Forum is very important to show that countries pay more attention to intellectual property protection. BIP Asia Forum is a kind of showcase that Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland or even Asia as a whole is transforming from a manufacturing centre to innovation centre.”

Mr Francis Gurry
Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization

“BIP Asia Forum has become a major fixture on the global intellectual property calendar, reflecting the growing importance of intellectual property in Asia. Hong Kong of course is a highly significant player, and it’s perfectly placed to play the role of one of the global hubs for IP with its leading support services, and the leading and pioneering role with respect to the trading of intangibles and IP.”

Mr Shen Changyu
Commissioner, National Intellectual Property Administration of the People’s Republic of China

“As an international city, Hong Kong has inherent advantages in trading, commerce, and shipping, and the potential to become Asia’s intellectual property trading platform. It is believed that Hong Kong will play an important role in the development of our country’s intellectual property in the future.”

Mr Miguel Ángel Margáin
Chair, Intellectual Property Rights Experts Group, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

“BIP Asia provides an important platform for intellectual property to transcend its typical sphere of action and go beyond that, as a backbone of any business of today, and thus grasping that big corporations as well as SMEs will rely on their intangible assets to be successful.“
Mr Jack Chang
Chairman, Quality Brands Protection Committee,
China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

“BIP Asia Forum is one of the very few best forums I have ever seen. If you ask me to grade from 1 to 10, 10 the highest, I have no hesitation to give a 10.”

Dr Benjamin Bai
Vice President, Chief IP Officer, Ant Financial

"BIP Asia is amazing - it brings thousands of IP professionals in around the world under one roof. The program is informative and interesting. It is a great venue for learning and networking. There are also numerous service providers as well. This is really a one-stop shop for all your IP needs."

Dr Udo Meyer, DE
Senior Vice President and Head of Global Intellectual Property, BASF SE

“BIP Asia Forum is a remarkable event both in size and quality of the discussions and presentations but also in view of the support of the Hong Kong administration in promoting the special role Hong Kong plays for IP in China.”

Mr Toshimoto Mitomo
Executive Vice President, Intellectual Property Department, Sony Corporation of America

“BIP Asia is the most effective venue to meet with many of Asia’s top IP leaders. The panels I had the pleasure of attending were very inspiring, and I learned a lot about the IP business in Hong Kong and obtained great ideas on how I can maximize the value of IP business.”

Mr Christian Frey
Head of Innovation and Patent Coordination, Siemens

“BIP Asia provides an important platform for IP professionals not only to exchange experiences, but also to share best practices.”

Ms T. Maria Lam
Vice President, Intel Legal Department, Intel Corporation

“BIP has grown into an impressive global forum for the exchange of IP ideas and gathering of IP-focused businesses. It is wonderful to see the support from the HK government and HKTDC to promote Hong Kong as a regional IP platform.”

Mr Roger Martin
Senior Vice President and Chief IP Strategist, Qualcomm Incorporated

“In a forum like BIP Asia, there is an opportunity for lots of ideas exchange. Apart from the beautiful setting, it gets to closer to one of the hot beds of innovation now which is generally Asia and China in particular.”

Mr Keith Bergelt
Chief Executive Officer, Open Invention Network

"BIP provides a premier venue for meeting with many of Asia’s foremost IP experts, and the quality of the program is unmistakable. With the growing focus on IP in the region, this event is one that should not be missed."

Mr Kenneth S. Korea
Senior Vice President and Head of US IP Center, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

“Thank you for your excellent organization of the 2016 BIP Asia conference. It was a great opportunity to learn from, and discuss with, the thought leaders the issues that matter most in today’s rapidly changing IP world.”