Business of IP Asia Forum - Hong Kong as Asia’s IP Marketplace

Hong Kong is your ideal marketplace for IP trading. Its excellent business environment allows you to have easy access to equity financing, which explains why it is one of the world’s largest IPO markets by fund-raising size and the largest venture capital centre in Asia. Its robust legal and IP regimes also make Hong Kong the fourth largest arbitration resolution centre by the number of dispute resolution matters handled.

The greatest advantage of Hong Kong, however, is its extensive connections with the world. Hong Kong has a dynamic cluster of companies that work with IP owners in Asia and beyond, act as their agents and sell their IP to overseas markets. In particular, its proximity to China enables it to be an ideal two-way conduit to connect the mainland with the world. The immense business potential of China has created a growing number of mainland IP owners who are looking for marketing channels and IP specialists to help internationalise their businesses. Here, Hong Kong has been playing a strong role in IP exploitation, facilitating import of overseas IP to the Mainland China, through further modification or customisation of the IP to suit special needs of mainland-based users. With such huge demand for foreign IP, it is then no wonder that so many overseas companies are establishing their regional headquarters in Hong Kong, where international buyers and professional IP intermediaries converge to benefit from the city’s professional services that meet and exceed international standards.

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